Application Criteria for Proposed CPPD Approved Workshops and Courses

                 Please send completed information to:

                 ATH Membership Secretary , c/o 110a Alexander Road, Islington, London, N19 4JN

                       Phone: 07840300507 e-mail:


                      Submission is free to ATH Members.  A processing fee of £50 should accompany this 
                      application if submitted by a non-member.


                      In order for us to consider including your course or workshop as an approved CPPD

                      training for the ATH, please can you provide the following information (ATH

                      members need only provide 2-5):

                     1. CV, including background, training, experience and qualifications of the

                         facilitator(s), with photocopies of any certificates/diplomas received.

                     2. Syllabus of the proposed workshop/course, outlining subject matter, delivery

                         and approach; if the facilitator is proposing multiple workshops on a similar

                         theme, please provide a template syllabus that will be used throughout, plus

                         examples of additional material that may be covered, and explain how that

                         material will be woven into the existing template.

                     3. Number of contact hours of the workshop/course.

                     4. Current fee for attendance of the workshop/course, and if there are any

                         reductions in cost for ATH members.

                     5. Whether handouts and materials are provided.

                     6. If you are not an ATH Member, please include a reference or

                       recommendation from an existing member, or alternatively.

                     7. Attendance of the workshop by an ATH Member (preferably Core Group

                       member) is required before final approval.

                    This information will not only inform us before we make our decision, but upon

                     approval, will also provide information for your listing on our website.
                     Final approval is granted by the ATH Core Group, and entitles the facilitator to a

                     Certificate of Approval, a listing on the ATH website and in the ATH Journal, plus

                     email distribution of flyers advertising upcoming approved workshops/courses.