History & Evolution

The ATH was founded in 1983 by Jane Lang, Ruth Noble and Elizabeth St John, who were all part of the National Dance Workshop. It was established in response to the “absurdity of white coats”. At that time healers referred to those they worked with as ‘patients’ and used the white coat to maintain the boundary between the professional and the patient. Elizabeth, Ruth and Jane saw healing as much more of an equal partnership. The founders were also convinced of the importance of ongoing personal development for the healer and at that time there was no healer training offering this key element.

The Association offered training from the word go and held a healing day once a month, the focus of which was group healing provided by trainees supervised by practicing healers. As membership increased, the Association’s own training evolved into what became known as The Rowan School, run by two of the Association’s Full Members, Delcia McNeil and Kate Williams MacKenzie. Today, the ATH recognises healer training courses which meet its own standards and ethos; the principal course being Full Spectrum Healing, under the leadership of Full Member, Janelle Scialla.

Although very much part of the established healing movement in the United Kingdom, as instanced by its long-time membership of the Confederation of Healing Organisations for example, the Association maintains its unique perspective on the healing endeavour. It stands for independent thought and expression, welcoming those who are qualified in all therapeutic disciplines and who see the spiritual dimension as over-arching in their work. It particularly sees the necessity for the individual practitioner to have ‘worked on themselves’ so that they can come to their healing work with clarity and with a developed level of emotional and spiritual intelligence. It is an association which thinks for itself and gains great richness as a result.

When asked about the future of ATH Elizabeth St. John’s response was:

“ATH has always been about diversity – I don’t want to see it get stuck in a mould. We need to develop responsible healers, who are committed to developing the ‘muscle’ to be a healer. We are clearly not empty vessels and we have a duty to maintain our own energy in the healing process with others.”