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Metaphysical Energy Work & Dynamic Healing – 
exploring the interface of subtle energy 
healing and psychotherapy - click here

Chakra Psychology
Fulfilling the dream of becoming whole
Delcia McNeil - click here

Exploring Creativity and Reflection In the Healing Process 
By Jo Green - click here
Members books

The Gift of Alzheimers - New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimers and its Care
by Maggie La Tourelle

Principles of Kinesiology 
by Maggie La Tourelle

 bodyworktherapies4womenbodyworktherapies4womenbodyworktherapies4women   Bodywork Therapies for Women by Delcia McNeil 
This informative guide examines the numerous bodywork therapies available, with particular focus on their relevance to women’s physical and emotional health. Published by The Women’s Press in 2000     ISBN  0 7043 4569 0 This book is now out of print but some copies remain available via


channelling4life   Channelling for Life by Delcia McNeil 
This book offers new perspectives on ordinary day to day human issues, such as anxiety, disappointment, families, intimacy, money, secrets etc. – but the topics are channelled.  Delcia carries you through her own experience of channelling as a phenomenon, encouraging you to be open but sceptical.  Available directly - - or from  e-book or paperback  2013  ISBN-10: 978-1482326659 and ISBN-13: 1482326655


There is a Power for Good in the Universe, greater than you are and you can use it' Earnest Holmes (the Science of Mind)

What do you do as a mother when your everyday harmonious and settled family life is cruelly shttere by the sudder and devastating news that something has happened to your child?    We accompany the author as she weaves us on an emotional tapestry of light and dark colour recalling one of the most challenging journeys of her life. 
 She shows us how she used a harrowing situation full of fear and foreboding to develop a deep faith and trust in a Power greater than herself. Christine King, Principal & Founder of MSEC