What we offer Members

“One of the joys for me of being in a small organisation is that my voice can be heard”

We are a small and expanding organisation and we welcome and encourage membership participation.

All members are insured through ATH’s professional indemnity insurance for healing practise only.

Contact between members is promoted through our ‘Explore Healing’ sessions and there is an opportunity to explore and share your way of working through facilitating one of these sessions.

There are opportunities to network and share information and ideas via the Newsletter.

Members can be listed on our ‘Contact a Therapist’ pages, which is a public register of healers providing email and telephone links to our members.

Members have access to the ATH ejournal and have the opportunity to publish in the journal and can advertsise their workshops or course in the ejournal for free.

Members who run workshops or courses can have that information freely distributed to the ATH membership.

Full members have the option of applying to have their courses or workshops given CPD status.

ATH now has a Facebook presence.
Members of ATH are located all over the country.  Keeping in touch can be a real challenge.  Love it or hate it, Facebook has the potential to help us keep in touch and for members of the public to find out about ATH.  To this end we now have two ways of connecting using Facebook.  There is a page designated to Association for Therapeutic Healers. You can go into Facebook and search for Association for Therapeutic Healers and the page should present itself.  The link 
www.facebook.com/therapeutichealers is also a useful way of connecting.  This is a ‘public page’ open for everyone to see. Here you can post messages, information about your workshops, events, services etc.  Announcements and information regarding ATH will also be posted there. The page is managed at the moment by Sue Thomas, and you can contact her, Via Facebook,  if you need information or wish to post something, other than a message. 


There is also an ATH Forum page. This is what known as a ‘secret’ group - Which sounds sinister, but is not.  It means that the members can have a dialogue, discussion, ask questions etc that remain within the ATH group. It will only be possible to view it if you are a member. Members can apply to Sue Thomas to join the group.


Hopefully this will provide another way to keep in touch and to promote ATH.  It will only work or be of use, if members visit the page and actively support it.


Contact Sue Thomas on Facebook or email suezeq@lineone.net if you have questions or wish your name to be added to the secret group.