What we offer Clients

‘healing is at least as old as humankind and is found in all cultures and countries throughout the world”

ATH full member practitioners come from a diversity of backgrounds, training and knowledge. We are all experienced, professional and progressive healers who have made a commitment to the healing arts. 
We are at the cutting edge of 21st century healing in our creative and innovative response to the discipline of healing and to the enabling of healing within the client. 

  • We have had to undertake training to a Professional standard in Healing
  • We have to hold a relevant qualification and we have to be insured for the other therapy or therapies that are offered
  • We have had to undergo a rigorous acceptance procedure in order to become members of ATH
  • We are fully insured for Healing
  • We are expected to commit to Continuing Professional Development and also ongoing Personal Development
  • We are accountable to and bound by the ATH Code of Conduct and Ethics and also accept the CHO code of ethics and conduct