Holding the Light and the Chakras

Online - Zoom 26/9/23 2-4pm THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL SORRY

Those of us who are on the healing path regularly talk about light – often white light – as part of what we believe can help to sustain us and others.  We do our own personal healing work to bring into the light the darkness of our own inner pains and traumas. We consciously focus on holding light around ourselves, other people, or places.  We also bring light through us.  But what do we really mean by this and how do we continue to hold light when we are externally surrounded by the darkness of uncertainty, negativity, anxiety, and news of destruction and violence? 

I believe we have a responsibility to ‘hold the light’ because if healer types of people can’t then who can?  Even if we may be struggling in our own personal lives we owe it to ourselves, to others and to the world, to keep connected to hope and belief in ultimate goodness.

In this workshop we will explore what I refer to as ‘spiritual optimism’.  As well as ‘holding the light’ this involves the power of intention, the need for consistent hope, and a steady groundedness which is coupled with vision.  We will use the Chakra system to give us a powerful way of locating and defining spiritual optimism, most especially focussing on the upper chakra centres.  This can help us develop and build strong light for all levels of our being.  You will be guided through a chakra visualisation process which will be recorded and made available to you as a resource for after the workshop.

The fee for this workshop is £38.     A basic knowledge of the chakra system is required.  To book your place email Delcia at delcia.mcneil@gmail.com