Money as a Form of Energy

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What are the main money issues that affect you?  Do you spend too much time worrying about money?  Do you try and avoid thinking about it?  Do you feel out of control around it, or stuck in some way, or fear for the domestic or global economy?  Our issues regarding money tend to be complicated and long-standing, and our relationship to it has important consequences for the quality of our lives.

The Chakras are like huge databases and when you connect with them, ask the right kind of questions, and allow the Chakra to reveal its wisdom to you, you receive insights and help way beyond what your conscious mind can give you.  You can overcome difficulties in your relationship to money and feel emotionally and physically better through shifting your thinking, mood state, and felt experience.  This translates into actual changes around the substance of money itself.

In this workshop we will explore how our unconscious beliefs about money have an energetic effect on our physical bodies and mood state. We will work with the Chakra system to help us become more aware of what may be limiting or hurting us in respect of our relationship to money. We will go through a meditative process that will be recorded and emailed to you after the workshop.

A basic awareness of the Chakra system is required for this workshop.  The fee is £39.      To book your place email Delcia at

A basic awareness of the Chakra system is required for this workshop.  The fee is £39.      To book your place email Delcia at

Energy healer, psychotherapist, and artist, Delcia McNeil, who originally trained with the NFSH in the early 1980s, has been teaching healing since 1983.  She ran her own healer training school for twelve years.  She later developed a Chakra Psychology programme and taught that for ten years.  During the pandemc she began working on-line and now all her workshops and groups are on zoom. She continues to teach and facilitate a Professional Supervision Support group for Healers, and a therapeutic art group called Paint Your Art Out.  She also runs her Chakra Psychology course on a one -to- one basis.  Delcia is a full healer member of The Association for Therapeutic Healers and an Associate member of The Confederation of Healing Organisations. 


The image above is one of Delcia’s digitally created artworks