‘New’ Chakras with Delcia McNeil

Online Zoom workshop Tues 28th May 2024 2-4pm

Those of us who have known about the Chakra system for some time have been aware that there are seven major ones, each with their own associations and stages of human growth and development.  We each have personal healing work to do in respect of each of these seven chakras and in my experience this is a life-long journey.  In some ways there is more than enough for us to do with these seven major chakras – and yet there is growing awareness of there being more chakra centres.  We are now ready to uncover them and use them to support us in continuing our journey.

In this workshop we will work with the additional Transcendental, Lower Root, and the Upper Heart Chakras.  I will share my own understanding of the functions and meanings of these centres and we will go through a meditative process that will be recorded and emailed to you after the workshop.

the image above is one of Delcia’s Artworks

 A basic awareness of the Chakra system is required for this workshop.    The fee is £39.     

To book your place email Delcia at delcia.mcneil@gmail.com
 or contact Delcia on 07515 807366