About us

Our Healers

ATH full member practitioners come from a diversity of backgrounds, training and knowledge. We are all experienced, professional and progressive healers who have made a commitment to the healing arts. 

We have undertaken training to a Professional standard in Healing.

We hold a relevant qualification and have to be insured for the other therapy or therapies that are offered.

We have had to undergo a rigorous acceptance procedure in order to become members of ATH.

We are fully insured for Healing.

We are expected to commit to Continuing Professional Development and ongoing Personal Development.

We are accountable to and bound by the ATH Code of Conduct and Ethics and also accept the CHO code of Conduct and Ethics. 

Our Philosophy

Health, well-being and self knowledge are the building blocks of the ATH approach to healing, and we recognise that this can be achieved in a range of ways. To support this we have developed professional standards for our healers with our CPPD expectations and encouraging our members to be in Supervision. Further information can be found on our Members page.

Beyond our belief that healing is a process through which a person’s natural life force is activated and enhanced by the channelling of universal energy, we do not seek to define what is or is not healing, acknowledging that healing can happen in many ways.

We aspire to have love, including self love, and compassion at the centre of all we do. We seek to be open and flexible in our beliefs and our actions, recognising that there can be no growth and development in a closed and fixed mind.

We embrace and celebrate diversity and therefore encourage and support individuals to follow intuitively the path that is right for them.

We recognise that all people need to be treated with respect and dignity. Equality and Diversity are fundamental to our values as ATH healers.

We welcome people from all ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, socio economic class, religions, disabilities and age.*

* To begin or further the journey of informing yourself Go to our News page scroll to Resources for you for information on some of these issues.

We are committed to embracing and exploring the infinite possibilities of healing, individually and as part of the on-going development of the Association.

Our Structure

ATH is a network of professional healers, steered by a voluntary non-beaurocratic, elected Core group who meet regularly. Participation is open to all members.

Currently the Core group consists Linda Brazier, Delcia McNeil, Tim Ridge, Jo Green, Gordon Green, Jane Robertson and Elizabeth St John.

We have an annual AGM which is now taking place on Zoom allowing members from all over the UK and in Europe to take join in and take part.

We maintain a public register of healers

Our Commitment

The ATH is committed to maintaining standards and developing the healing profession through:

Developing confidence and competence

Teaching & Learning

Continuing Personal Personal and Professional Development (CPPD)

Promoting and encouraging Supervision

Promoting individual emotional and spiritual intelligence

Promoting personal responsiblity

Promoting the healing tradition

History & Evolution

The ATH was founded in 1981 by Elizabeth St.John, Jane Lang and Ruth Noble, who had met through their work in the field of healing with movement and dance.  In those days healers wore white coats and referred to those they laid hands on as patients.  Elizabeth, Ruth and Jane saw healing as an equal partnership in which the healee and healer worked together.  They also recognised the importance of ongoing personal development and that the healer should have a high level of self-awareness when working to help others.

Although very much a part of the established healing movement in the UK, the ATH maintains its unique perspective.  It continues to stand for independent thought and expression, welcoming those who are qualified in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines and who see the spiritual dimension as overarching their work.

ATH acknowledges and values the connection between the Arts and healing.

Please check out the interview with Elizabeth St John by Anthea Courtenay in our Archives section below.