History & Evolution

The ATH was founded in 1981 by Elizabeth St.John, Jane Lang and Ruth Noble, who had met through their work in the field of healing with movement and dance.  In those days healers wore white coats and referred to those they laid hands on as patients.  Elizabeth, Ruth and Jane saw healing as an equal partnership in which the healee and healer worked together.  They also recognised the importance of ongoing personal development and that the healer should have a high level of self-awareness when working to help others.

Although very much a part of the established healing movement in the UK, the ATH maintains its unique perspective.  It continues to stand for independent thought and expression, welcoming those who are qualified in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines and who see the spiritual dimension as overarching their work.

ATH acknowledges and values the connection between the Arts and healing.

Please check out the interview with Elizabeth St John by Anthea Courtenay in our Archives section below.