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The member’s only networking Zoom meetings are held bi-monthly Wed eves from 5.30-7pm. All ATH members welcome. Come and join us.

Contact: Linda Brazier for further info.

Dates & Topics for 2024

24th January Winter Blues, how do you cope?

27th March Thinking about Past Life Therapy >introduced by Kate MacKenzie

25th May topic to be decided

31st July topic to be decided

18th September provisional date

20th November topic to be decided

Topic: Gender, Sexuality and Energies, Shared Experiences 31/5/23

This huge topic unleashed an interestingdiscussion and one which will be revisited.
We looked at acceptance and respect and the use of correct pronouns. Would the
energies and vibration within the client “feel” different.
Also if past lives may have affected trans gender people. How confident would we
feel ,as healers, if someone presented as LGBTQI+. We cannot assume all clients are
Reference was made to a presentation to British Wheel of Yoga members by Josetta
Malcolm (they/them) who had given permission within that for using aspects of their
talk entitled ” Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Yoga “
There is much more to discuss on this topic and hopefully other networking meetings
will cover more aspects with new views from members.
Linda Brazier

We did discuss some of the controversies and complexities surrounding this topic, eg.
gender, self-identification and the possible effects on women’s rights, ie. the concerns
that feminists are raising. There is also the question of equal competition in sports,
where a male to female trans person may have superior biological physical strength.
And some members shared their experiences of meeting and working to support trans
people and/or their relatives.
Delcia McNeil

Topic What is Spiritual Awareness 21/7/23

We found a great deal to discuss and share and filled the hour and a half easily.
We all agreed awareness can arise from meditation and prayer, we also discussed
other experiences which are known to contribute and may bring immediate
awareness, but thought , generally a gradual awakening was preferable. Staying
grounded and connected to the Base Chakra whilst finding and following our own
path to awareness was thought important, bringing a deeper understanding of our
purpose in life.
To be open to insights we may be shown and the meaning of them, for example ,we
are more than the body and mind and the experiences that come from this
A beautiful quote on the evening from an attendee was that spiritual awareness was
like ” A Pool of Peace “
We talked about how we each felt spiritual awareness and how we tried to keep that
awareness during daily life.
A lovely evening. Linda Brazier

Possible reading Four Quarters T.S. Elliot

Topic Who does the Healing? The healer or Healee?

An excellent discussion which brought forward many thoughts.
“The combined efforts of the healer, the healee and the Univerasl Energy Life Force
are all brought together during healing.” “The healer being the conduit of the healing
energies, ensuring beforehand the healee is open to healing and be ready to heal.”
“The healing energies travel to where they are needed, but healers often find they are
directed to specific areas of the body.”
“There must be gratitude for healing received and the ability to channel healing.”
“It is important for the the healer to be protected from any negativity from the
healee,however they may experience physical symptoms such as yawning, heavy
breathing, belching and coughing and some healers may mirror or take on the healees
symptoms in order to cleanse them”.
There is a lovely song which starts Every Little Cell in my Body is Happy, which can
be found on YouTube.
A broad topic which could be returned to.
Linda Brazier
ATH Core Group Member