Some images from ATH healers who create, who work with healing and creativity. Also included is Jessica who did this lovely painting of Happiness when she was 6. A reminder for all of of the importance of Happiness and creativity in whatever form it takes.

Using Imagery for Healing and Meditation

ATH Core Group member Delcia McNeil introduced this topic with a pre-prepared brainstorm of ideas, and these were developed by those present (six ATH members):

  • Use of visualisation eg. chakras/Human Energy field/creative visualisation – inner journeying
  • Use of visual symbols, eg. Reiki symbols
  • Physiological affect of colour within a painting (directly on the viewer) – and colour therapy
  • Art therapy – processing emotions through drawing/painting, 
  • Use of images for psychology projection
  • How particular paintings and the work of different artists affect our mood and physical body (visceral). 

Individuals shared their experiences of working with visualisation, both professionally and as an internal narrative, and there was a discussion around how some members of the public do not necessarily visualise, or think they don’t.  The different senses dominate differently. 

Participants shared who was their favourite artist and/or a particular painting and we discussed why this was so and how certain paintings affect us viscerally.  Artworks communicate something, and can have a healing effect.  Some painters use art as a therapy for themselves (eg. Frida Kahlo, Tracy Emin).  Creativity and therapy are parallel processes. To complete the session Delcia used one of her paintings ‘Holding the Light’ as a focus for a group meditation. See below.