How to Join

This section of the ATH Website contains all the information you should need to apply for membership.

The categories of membership are – 

A. Full member
B. Fast track/Returning member
C. Associate member
D. Student Practitioner
E. Friend

We suggest you read this information in the following order:-

Membership Criteria  allows you to find out which category of membership would be appropriate for you, depending on your qualifications, training and experience.

Applying for Membership sets out the process you will need to follow to make your membership application, together with procedures following the submission of your application. Whichever category of membership you decide to apply for, you will need to be familiar with and fully subscribe to.

Should you now wish to proceed with applying for membership, please complete either the

Friend of ATH Application Form  there is no criteria for this other than your wish to support the values of ATH.

Please send the completed relevant form, together with supporting documents and your cheque (made payable to The Association for Therapeutic Healers) to The Membership Administrator at the address shown on the application form.

Included in ATH membership, if requested, is the ATH/Balens Block Indemnity Insurance for Healing only.  This does not apply to Friend Membership.