Kit Temple

I am very logical and scientific in my approach to healing. I focus a great deal on the damaged cells and tissues in the body as part of my healing.

Focusing on root causes is very important.  There is often a chain of degenerating factors – and fixing what is directly causing the symptoms can lead to temporary relief – but the initial symptoms can return if the root causes continue to cause those areas ‘higher up the chain’ to break down.

My interest is in fixing problems that cannot be fixed by others – and I am focused on trying to ensure a successful result with as high a proportion of my patients as possible.

I am especially interested in helping with health or development problems in children.

Therapies: Dowsing; Health CodingPlease watch the video testimonials from some of my patients (at, and even if an issue is considered ‘impossible’ and ‘incurable’ by conventional wisdom I would still encourage you to get in touch.