Our Philosophy

Health, well-being and self knowledge are the building blocks of the ATH approach to healing, and we recognise that this can be achieved in a range of ways. To support this we have developed professional standards for our healers with our CPPD expectations and encouraging our members to be in Supervision. Further information can be found on our Members page.

Beyond our belief that healing is a process through which a person’s natural life force is activated and enhanced by the channelling of universal energy, we do not seek to define what is or is not healing, acknowledging that healing can happen in many ways.

We aspire to have love, including self love, and compassion at the centre of all we do. We seek to be open and flexible in our beliefs and our actions, recognising that there can be no growth and development in a closed and fixed mind.

We embrace and celebrate diversity and therefore encourage and support individuals to follow intuitively the path that is right for them.

We recognise that all people need to be treated with respect and dignity. Equality and Diversity are fundamental to our values as ATH healers.

We welcome people from all ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, socio economic class, religions, disabilities and age.*

* To begin or further the journey of informing yourself Go to our News page scroll to Resources for you for information on some of these issues.

We are committed to embracing and exploring the infinite possibilities of healing, individually and as part of the on-going development of the Association.