Why join ATH

What differentiates ATH as an association for healers is that the majority of our healers also have other disciplines and related skills which they blend into their professional practice.  

We are a small, respected and progressive healing organisation who have contributed actively over the years to the professionalisation of healing within the UK .

Bridging a variety of approaches to the art of healing including dance, sound, writing, psychotherapy/counselling, meditation, biofeedback & now neuroscience.  These are all a fundamental part of our diversity as a healing organisation.

We are committed to encouraging and expecting self-development and self-awareness for our members.  We continue be more ‘professional’ in our expectations of ourselves and what the members public can expect from healers in ATH.

We strive to recognise the ‘wholeness ’within each of us, that there is no division. Wholeness as a reality of healing and how we individually react or respond to one another, how we take responsibility for and use our energy towards one another and towards  and how we live on this planet earth.  

ATH continues to be forward looking. We strive to be at the forefront of what is happening in the fields of energy and of complementary health.  Fundamental to working as a healer is a knowledge and experience of energy and how it works.

ATH requires of its members not only continuing professional development but also personal development: through what may be termed ‘holistic CPPD’, we are expected to keep ourselves fit to work with clients. By renewing our personal energy and keeping ourselves clear to channel energy though daily practice or attending workshops, we attempt to maintain our grounding and protection. Relaxation, meditation, movement work, receiving healing, massage or cranio-sacral work contribute to helping us to know ourselves better, so that we may be clearer about the personal issues we bring to our work and able to connect with our clients on deeper and more subtle levels.

ATH also encourages it’s members to participate in some form of Supervision. This is currently not a requirement.